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ClosedLoop CleanUps


Our beach and underwater clean-ups come with a 100% guarantee that the plastic waste you pick up doesn’t go back to the ocean.

We’ve been practicing closed loop cleanups with our partner resort since we started.

What’s a closed loop cleanup?

It’s a cleanup where all the waste isn’t just collected from the beach or underwater. It’s also segregated, then processed for its environmentally-appropriate endpoint. Recyclables are sent to the recyclers. Special wastes are picked up by the LGU. Traditionally non-recyclable plastics are washed & dried in preparation for upcycling.

Organize real impact

We can organize a closed-loop cleanup for your organization or company. It’s  a fun day of voluntourism for at least a group of 10. We usually start with a talk on the Marine Plastic Litter problem, which also explains why we do our cleanups this way. And depending on the package you pick, it can include a trip to a white beach cove, snorkeling or scuba diving, and topping the day off at the pool.



Balayan Bay, Verde

Island Passage

Planet Dive resort has been our partner & base in the Verde Island Passage, right from the start.

We developed the ClosedLoop process with their help, and set up our collection facility there.

It’s also a convenient jump-off point for exploring Verde Island Passage & its wealth of marine life. In fact, there’s a marine sanctuary you can check out right in front of the resort, once we’re done with the cleanup!


Baseco Beach, Manila Bay

We offer hands-on learning sessions for the machines, classes for specific upcycling skills, volunteer activities for organizations, as well as week-long deep dives like Design Thinking for Marine Plastic Litter, which takes you from an understanding of the problem, all the way to prototyping & marketing your solution.

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Your preferred place

We can also just guide you through a ClosedLoop Cleanup, sending a representative to give the talk & help you through the process.

We can also assist in making sure your collected waste goes to the environmentally-appropriate endpoints.

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